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Get your entire team thinking and designing behaviourally 


Behavioral Insights Programme

• Understand the power of behavioural research
• Use Nuggets to effectively apply behavioural principles 
• Learn how to combine principles for maximum impact 
• Gain a set of best practices for applying insights
• A box of Nuggets for each team member 

  • Understand the power of behavioral research
  • Use Nuggets to effectively apply behavioral principles
  • Learn how to combine principles for maximum impact
  • Gain a set of best practices for applying insights
  • A box of Nuggets for each team member


Experimental Mindset Programme

• Hone skills for combining and applying principles artfully  
• Develop the mindset needed to apply behavioural principles
• Learn how to run an effective behavioural experiment
• A box of Nuggets for each team member

  • Hone skills for combining and applying principles artfully
  • Develop the mindset needed to apply behavioral principles
  • Learn how to run an effective behavioral experiment
  • Apply behavioral principles to a live project
  • A box of Nuggets for each team member
“Awesome. Helped bake behavioral insights into our design process.”
Craig Watson, Product Owner, Growth Team 
1 day
10 people
from £5450

One-day workshop

With Coglode's CEO, Jerome Ribot

Core understanding of behavioural economics 1hr
An introduction to the world of behavioural research, and why it's so powerful for business.
Introducing Nuggets 30m
A brief introduction to Nuggets, how they work and a first hands-on. 
Nuggets warm-up with Kelly’s Cupcakes 1hr
A warm-up task to create familiarity with Nuggets, rapidly consuming and applying them to solve the problems of a fictional business.
Solving problems behaviourally 3hrs
Using Nuggets to create a series of behaviourally-led ideas to help solve three pre-defined design challenges your organisation currently face.
Behavioural Tools 45m
Demonstration of supporting frameworks to integrate behavioural research into your team's existing design processes.
Behavioural Forum 30m
Open discussion with the team regarding best practices. The aim is to equip entire teams to confidently use behavioural research every day on their projects.

Nuggets Box One

All the core principles, painstakingly distilled for instant impact

We've spent over 10,000 hours these past two years finding, reading and translating the most important and influential behavioural research, so you don't have to.

Box One offers the foundational behavioural knowledge your team can use straight away for design workshops and planning sessions to build better products.

"It's the first time I've seen behavioural science turned into a workshop-style toolkit that you can use to build better, more effective products."

Jaz Blakeston-Petch, Product Owner, National Lottery UK

Nuggets Badges

Document your behavioural concepts

When the design team come up with concepts for the product, highlighting the behavioural principles behind their ideas is essential.

We've created Nuggets Badges for you to use as part of the digital design documentation process. This reusable .Sketch document is included as part of the Training package.

“LOVE the sketch badges.
These are great - I'll be adding these to our process”

Craig Watson, Product Owner, Spotify

Behavioural Design for Agile Teams

Defining stories & features behaviourally

To ensure that behavioural thinking is a consideration within agile teams, we've created Product Feature cards.

These allow Product Owners to define and clearly communicate the relevant behavioural insights to the design team, on a feature-by-feature basis.

“Setting behavioural priorities is vital. However, each feature that a product owner is looking to build has its own behavioural consideration. Highlighting the behaviour in an agile way like this is both incredibly powerful and helpful for the production team.”

Brad Legge, Head of Production, ribot

A behavioural toolkit for world-class teams

Leading product design teams, like those at Spotify use Coglode’s behavioural toolkit to help create award-winning products that users love.

Our Training package contains everything your team need to weave behavioural thinking throughout your own processes and create better products too.

Package includes

  • Full-day team workshop
  • w/ Coglode CEO. 10+ years experience
  • Guided application on live projects
Starting price
Fully booked until Mid-May
Other Rates *
Quarterly behavioural facilitation
4x half-day team support sessions
£1250 x 4
Behavioural consultancy
Hands-on project support on a day-by-day basis
* For Coglode's creator, Jerome Ribot - UK & EU only - Submit requests via contact form below

Common Questions

Who will lead the training?

Coglode’s creator and CEO, Jerome Ribot will lead the workshop with your team.

What is Jerome’s background?

Jerome has a background in economics and spent the last 10 years applying behavioural research to leading companies’ digital products during his role as co-founder and Creative Director of award-winning digital agency, ribot.

For how many people does the workshop cater?

We have capacity for up to 10 of your team. Larger workshops are available at additional cost.

For whom is the workshop suitable?

The workshop is product design-oriented, so is suitable for Product Owners, senior UX individuals and strategy / marketing teams.

Where is the workshop held?

At your HQ.

Do you offer follow-up training?

Yes. We offer quarterly check-ups to ensure that your team are implementing behavioural research effectively.

Do you offer training outside of Europe?

Yes. We offer training outside of Europe from Jan 2018, subject to flights & accommodation being paid for.

What should we prepare internally?

As we’ll be solving live product challenges through the lens of behavioural research, we require you to have defined 3 core product challenges up front, and have the relevant individuals in the room to help provide detailed context on the challenge.

How much notice should be given to book a workshop?

Generally, we require 4 weeks’ notice.

Our work is highly sensitive and subject to NDA. Will this be a problem?

Not at all. We sign mutual NDAs as standard.

What types of company tend to book your workshops?

Product-orientated companies that are design-focused, agile and have an existing culture of performing data-driven experiments.


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Coglode Academy

A one-day behavioral intensive

Based on the team training we’ve delivered to
In one energising day, you’ll


the meaning, nuances and links between core cognitive principles


A set of best practices on the art of applying them


A full set of Nuggets to apply behavioral insights to your work

Fresh air

Held in the beautiful coastal city of Brighton, UK

Small groups

Limited to 10 attendees + Coglode’s two founders

Excellent food

Vegetarian-friendly lunch and refreshments are provided

For more info, please choose an Academy date and add your details:

Graduates of October's Coglode Academy

Academy attendees from our recent October course

"One of the most valuable workshops we've ever had!
Thanks so much Jerome and Roxy for creating new #boldfaith perspectives for Gradient!!"
Joost Jongbloed, CEO and co-founder at Gradient

"Amazing way to learn and apply behavioural insights.
Super fun day with you all."
Flavio Lamenza, Senior UX Designer at Vodafone

"A very informative, insightful and fun day! Thanks Jerome and Roxy!
Love my Nuggets."
Steven Tran, Business Intelligence Analyst at Zoopla

"Had a WONDERFUL time today and learned A LOT."
Danielle Anderson, Digital Transformation and CX Specialist

"Had an absolute blast of a day gleaning knowledge Nuggets out of stars Jerome and Roxy. Fantastic day at the inaugural Coglode Academy!!"
Benjamin Leveritt, Designer / Developer

"We thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt plenty to apply to our day to day."
Alana Wood, Product Owner

"An amazing workshop. Anyone running a business or startup, I highly recommend you go to Coglode Academy."
Richard Humphris, CEO

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Beyond onboarding, we offer 3 types of support.


1-to-1 behavioural training sessions, enabling C-level individuals to make better decisions.


On-going support to ensure best-practice adoption of behavioural research within your processes.


An refreshing, thought-provoking and unique addition to your existing Innovation Day schedule.