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Method Cards

Along with distilling behavioural research papers for you, we also want to ensure that you're given the tools required to independently make full use of them.

Based on use with leading teams at Google and Spotify, we've created a series of workshop-style method cards that help you use Nuggets to creatively solve different business challenges. Three methods are included in Box One.

Digital Badges

When the design team come up with concepts for the product, highlighting the behaviours behind their ideas is essential. 

We've created Nuggets Badges as a reusable .Sketch file to assist with digital documentation of your behavioural designs.

See how it grows

In September, we’ll release our second box of Nuggets. Though Box One can be used on its own, Box Two and beyond will powerfully extend your library of behavioural insights.

Coglode Nuggets Box One

We've spent over 10,000 hours these past two years finding, reading and translating the most important and influential behavioural research, so you don't have to. 

Box One offers the foundational behavioural knowledge your team can use straight away for design workshops and planning sessions to build better products.

Behavioural Experiment Canvas

When using any insights, it's important that you test out the resultant ideas as quickly as possible.

We've created a reusable Experiments Canvas that your team can use to state hypotheses and perform associated tests.

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What teams say about Nuggets

“Very snackable, shareable and collectible. Love the summary & key takeaways on the back.”

“These are excellent, combining  academic theory with practical use.”

“Awesome. Helped bake behavioural insights into our design process.”

Common Questions

How do Nuggets differ from the content on your blog?

As opposed to the long-form content on, Nuggets have been specially designed for quick consumption, application and shareability with your team. Though some of the basic principles overlap with the site, the majority are exclusive to Nuggets.

When do I get my Nuggets?

Your Nuggets will arrive 2-10 days after you're billed, based on your location worldwide.

What can I expect from my investment in Nuggets?

To acquire a tool that enables you to find, understand and apply behavioural insights to your business. These insights help you understand your customers’ decision-making psychology. Nuggets therefore enable you to design around this psychology and make better decisions backed by research.

What is your selection criteria for research?

We scour tens of journals for you, uncompromisingly selecting research based on the following three principles: relevance, clarity and result robustness. To find out more about our 18-step Nugget creation process and the journals that we keep on top of, head to our Process page.

How did you choose what went in Box One?

Nuggets Box One contains 36 fundamental principles that remain robust, broadly applicable and have changed little over the years. We selected the insights from a selection of over 200 insights to provide you with the foundational ones that your team should focus on and need in order to begin understanding and applying behavioural research.

Will there be more Nuggets beyond Box One?

Yes. Box Two and beyond will expose new research and will reference existing Nuggets where they may deviate / contradict, as well as complement one another. Our aim is to help you build a reusable Behavioural Insights Library that not only educates and celebrates existing research, but continues to embrace and expose nuances and tensions as new research emerges.

I'm a subscriber. When do I get my Nuggets box?

Your Nuggets box is delivered as part of your Starter Pack.

Your other options

If you didn't get our research analysis, what else could you do?


Do it yourself?

Have your product team find, read and make sense of the latest academic research

Time could be better spent

As well as being costly, the team could be spending their time on actually implementing findings and improving the product itself.

Team salary


Time spent

just 5%**

Annual cost

£7,500 - 20,000


Hire a consultant?

Bring someone in to share knowledge about behavioural research and how to use it

Costly and no internal resource

  Dependence on external resources prevents your team from building the vital internal knowledge required to design behaviourally.

Avg. day rate


Days / Year


Annual cost

£15,000 - 25,000


Do nothing

Wait for others to innovate and just copy what they do

Your competitors win

When leading companies are investing in discovering how to make products people love, not doing so isn’t an option. 

Annual cost

Your market share

Stay ahead

The smartest teams use our research analysis